Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Laura Guertin

Do students utilize or even want lecture podcasts?, Laura Guertin, Penn State University

Faculty are always searching for new and innovative technological tools that can be integrated into college teaching. However, technology should not be used just to use technology - there needs to be a pedagogical benefit to the use of technology. Duke University and Purdue University are some of the many schools that have jumped on the iPod bandwagon, creating downloadable podcasts of classroom lectures. Files may also be saved and distributed for students to listen to on MP3 players. But are students actually listening to the course audio files, and do they even want these files available? This talk explores student access to audio players, use of audio recordings of lectures, and if students find audio files a useful piece of technology to enhance their learning.

Here is the screencast, podcast


At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Sharon said...


I really enjoyed your talk. It as great to see the results of how students responded to yoour efforts, and to see how your students made use of your recorded lectures.

And the jingle were fun.

Thanks for presenting.


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